Milano Design Week

Off the grid

An exploration of what it means to live off the grid.

Whether by choice or circumstance, a life where people can be independent from existing systems in their own homes,  living off the grid.

The exhibition of the collaboration between IKEA and MID1 Industrial Design, LTH.

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Design and manage the different sub groups for the exhibition "Off the grid".


2 weeks before the exhibition, when most of decisions already had been made, we had to change the location of the exhibition to a different facility.
Consequently, forcing us to be adaptive in our design decisions.


A big part of our assignment was to oversee the different subgroups, such as; PR, graphics, photos and logistics.


Floor-planing, colours and project placement where a few of the design decision we as the exhibition group had to take.

My contributions

I was one out of three in the exhibition design group.
Within this group we worked simultaneous.