Hear Me Out

Destigmatize hearing aids

Today, about 18.5% of the Swedish population, from the age of 16, suffer from hearing loss. Out of these people only a third are using some sort of hearing aid. The main reason for this is believed to be the high price, a very time consuming process and how, especially during younger ages, wearing a hearing aid is perceived. 

Hear Me Out has the ambition to de-stigmatize hearing aids to a level that they are no longer associated with a disability, but rather seen an accessory.
Much like how glasses has already evolved in this regard. 

Furthermore, a app was developed to reduce the need of an audiologist when adjusting the settings of the device. 

Made in collaboration with OnDeMove

Learn more about the Design process


Create a hearing aid accompanied by a charging station and a app for connecting and adjusting the device. Delimitations were set to only front end development.


Quick 3D-prints where made along the sketching to further get a sense of volume in real life.


Further, a new packaging design was developed. Here using stacks of cardboard and hollowing the silhouette of the products.


Alongside the hearing aid, a portable charging station was created.


Quick sketches used to explain concepts to the company.

How does the app work?

The app allows the user to log-in. Therefore, saving the data to the cloud.

Once in, the user can choose to connect to the available devices, adjust and save settings, browse through old presets or download another users and finally do a automatic calibration.

My contributions

This project was made in collaboration with the hearing aid company OnDeMove.
Everything showcased was made by me.